Finding Your Future


What's the right job for me?

Which major should I choose?

Should I even go to college?


The average cost of a 4 year college education is over $100,000. Over 55% of college students are taking more than 4 years to complete a Bachelor’s degree and many of them will not continue to work in the field they went to college for. We can help you save time and money.


What else can I do?

I'm not happy with my job...

I'm not living up to my potential...


Highlands Company Ability Battery Assessment offers a process of self-discovery which enables you to look at your whole-life picture and identify your natural abilities and personal style as it pertains to working with and interacting with others. It reveals how you problem solve, where you get your motivation from, and how you connect with others, providing you with a framework.


How can our company improve?

Can we empower our employees?

Can we improve our leadership?


The Highlands Teambuilding program is the optimum solution to help companies and organizations empower their employees to success.

When employees work to their strengths, aligned with their values and goals, and are given the support to pursue them, they are more powerful to deliver sustainable results.

Why use Highlands?

The big difference between the Highlands Ability Battery™ and other popular assessment tools such as MBTI, Strong, DiSC, Interest Inventory is that the Highlands uses objective tasks that measure natural abilities while the other tools are tests of interest, personality or other subjective measures. This difference is crucial to students faced with selection of majors or colleges and to adults considering career changes and to companies interested in maximizing their company teamwork along with supporting leadership development.